down 'n dirty

ao nang pub crawl

Every Monday

Start the night at your hostel with a bucket and some pre-crawl games before your hosts take you to our first stop Bamboo Bar. Located at the end of the highly debauched RCA, all hostels meet up here to start the down n’ dirty adventure. Free shots and face painting by our awesome team are on offer.

We then head to the other end of the street for some great live music and a sing along at Longhorn Bar.

Next up jump outside and transfer to Centrepoint to get down n’dirty! The pole dancers at Nova Club await you for a pole dancing competition! Swing on the pole and show off your agility with the pros while getting down to some quality Deep House.

Balcony Party Hostel rooftop bar on the floor above is our penultimate venue with heavy beats and dirty games. The last stop is at the ultimate venue in Ao Nang for dancing: Chang Bar.. 

Pak up guests (who want to leave!) meet up outside Burger King next to the club on the street to be shuttled back to Krabi Town. 

What does it include dude?

  • transfer to the first bar
  • one bucket
  • shot at every bar
  • free tank-top
  • drinking games
  • funny people
  • hangover (may be)